Hi There!


Hello friends, family, other foodie/blog lovers! This is my first post in my brand new blog. I am so excited/scared/completely geeking out to finally be able to make this happen. So many thoughts going through my head– what will I blog about? Will anyone actually read this (other than you, mom? And, no, please don’t edit my grammar)?

I cannot wait to share my food with you! So many people ask me how I have time to cook as much as I do as a busy 30 year old professional, or are just completely shocked that *gasp* I enjoy spending time in the kitchen!?!

I was raised with a deep love for food, and taught to share that food and love with others. Some of my fondest memories are standing on a kitchen stool in my grandmother’s kitchen over her pea-green gas range stirring sauce. None of her recipes had measurements; she just knew how to make them all, and always had something cooking because you never knew who would show up at her door!
Fast-forward 20+ years and I’m standing in my own (tiny, hardly any counter space) kitchen, stirring a pot of sauce, wielding a wooden spoon in one hand and a glass of wine in the other shouting into the dining room at my friends saying “dinner’s ready”, and this is just a regular Thursday night!

I hope you enjoy my blog; please always reach out with any questions, and as all my friends know, any requests on what I can cook for you 🙂